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International Organization for Migration (IOM)

BOMSA recalls the support and contribution received from IOM Dhaka since its inception phase. Had it not been IOM, the organization (BOMSA) would not have its registration for operation, says Lily Jahan (President, BOMSA). A group of expert and experienced people working in IOM during the formulation phase helped BOMSA to start its operation. BOMSA has always been a partner of IOM Dhaka labour migration projects and carried out different field activities. The organization successfully implemented a wide range of activities at the field level. BOMSA has implemented a number of projects awarded from IOM. Awareness on safe migration, Economic rehabilitation of female migrant workers, Awareness on remittance utilization, Advocacy on migration management is some key areas of involvement of BOMSA with IOMs technical and financial support.
IOM is an intergovernmental body with more than half a century of worldwide operational experience working in more than 120 countries with a wide range of migration issues such as human trafficking and smuggling, labour migration, assisted voluntary return, migration health and other technical cooperation issues such as border management, machine readable passport etc. IOM is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society and works with all stakeholders to maximize the potential benefits of migration. Bangladesh became a member state of IOM on the 27th of November 1990. BOMSA received a number of financial supports to carry out different activities at the field level to address safe migration and remittances issues.

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

CIDA came forward to work together with BOMSA for womens empowerment. BOMSA took this partnership opportunity to develop a skill training module for the migrant women with financial and technical support from CIDA. Skill training was further provided to potential women migrant workers. Pre-departure orientation training was also provided to the women migrants which covered a wide range of issues such as addressing pre-departure decision making stage, visa processing, travel arrangement, cultural orientation etc. BOMSA has also engaged community volunteers from UK, with CIDAs support, in order to develop management capacity of the staff members and strengthening e- communication.
The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is the federal agency which manage Canadas support and resources effectively and accountably to achieve meaningful, sustainable results and engage in policy development in Canada and internationally, enabling Canadas effort to realize its development objectives. It is the lead Canadas international effort to help people living in poverty.

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